Creative sessions of Product discovery incompany.

The objective of this Workshop is to realize the discovery of the ideal product that the company proposes. The duration of the same will depend on the specific objectives that have been marked.

Fast Discovery

Intensive workshop of 36 hours in which we work continuously and methodically to discover the ideal product in a short period of time.

The workshop takes place in a place away from the daily commotion, in a natural environment appropriate to find the calm and inspiration needed.


Intensive days of product discovery

During the bootcamp the attendees will learn to:

  • Appropriately identify the problem / need and its environment.
  • Understand the direct and indirect needs of consumers.
  • Learn to generate types of customer groups. Learn to identify rational and emotional needs.
  • Argue with clarity the idea, the problem, the solution and the main characteristics of the product.


Product Discovery

The proposed training is aimed at universities and business schools that want to incorporate Product Discovery into their program, as an innovative tool that shows students a current and different vision when creating new businesses or new products.

In addition to this training, we also offer workshops to local and government institutions, for the departments of entrepreneurship.

  • From the idea to the success idea.
  • The first stages to undertake.


Product Discovery.

What is it and what is it for. For one hour, the attendees are shown the reasons why product discovery is an indispensable tool today to develop a new product. In a dynamic and entertaining way, the essential keys of the product discovery and how it works are presented.

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