Product Coaching is a method that aims to create successful products and services. It focuses on increasing the performance of these, through accompanying the management and co-creation of the value proposition. Product coaching argues that focusing on needs is focusing on the future. Make a proposal that the customer still does not know them. To orientate the client, is to focus on the present, to improve the known and to make the investment profitable. Depending on each case, the orientation will be one or the other.

It relies on tools such as Design Thinking and Neuromarketing to design disruptive and innovative solutions. Through a system designed specifically for the products. It is part of the needs map related to our product or service. From that point, new scenarios are generated, from where innovative value propositions are created.

Product Coaching does not work with the people, but through them to reach the product.


If we start talking about the organization, the company, management, hierarchy, market, shareholders etc. the goal gets blurred, and disturbs the main mission of the company, which is to create products with value. It is often stronger than the weight of the company and its environment, and that makes the main objective get lost.

This is why we use the product to push the process, and create the company from the product and not the reverse.

It is a system where the product coach accompanies the creator to create a dynamic analysis of the product, where the concept is reviewed by the creators themselves.


A good product is the one that develops the expected function fully and with elegance. It meets the expected needs, beyond what was expected and produces customer emotions which give pleasure and are not to be forgotten.

The good product is able to create scenarios, situations, opportunities and appropriate experiences to for itself. Good product, eventually triumphs.

The most important thing in a product is to know who it is and what it offers. Knowing crystal clear what needs to covered, what function to carry out, and to know what their difference has and to know clearly and explain in a simple way.

It could be said that a product is alive. Coexisting with us in each and every moment of the day. We don’t have a minute in a day that we are not in contact with some or other product.


Having shaped the good product, coaching to the product starts now aiming the company to find the straight line by itself. Only like this it will realize what and who its product is.

One of the first objectives of product coaching is to get the company to reach the launch pad, where the point of ignition is, in which the energy and excitement of creating a new product presents a real and prudent attitude . Is the rocket launch imaginable otherwise?

It promotes multiple learning thoughts, blurring specialization in favor of openness to other disciplines, ideas or perceptions.

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